welcome to Stop 5G Stroud

Public Meeting about 5G on Sunday 16th June 7.30pm Lansdown Hall.


Few people are yet aware of the potentially devastating effects of 5G, which is now a more imminent threat to our health and the planet than climate change AND DUE TO BE SWITCHED ON VERY SOON.

  • 5G is the next generation of wireless technology that will ultimately replace the current 3G and 4G technologies used by most mobile phones.

5G is designed to support the ‘Internet of Things’ and is currently being rolled out around the world including Gloucestershire.

  • 5G will involve millimetre wave frequencies never before used for internet and telecommunications. Hundreds of independent scientists are warning that 5G will be even more harmful to human health than the existing (already toxic) levels of man-made microwave radiation. 5G technology is currently in use by the military in crowd control systems.

  • The deployment of 5G requires the installation of millions of small transmitters in every town and city across the world. In Stroud thousands of LED lamp posts outside people’s homes have been made 5G ready.

  • Both Government and the telecoms companies openly admit they have not undertaken ANY independent health and safety checks or environmental impact assessments for 5G.

  • This dangerous technology is being introduced without any consultation with the British people, in breach of human rights and the Nuremberg code which states that people cannot be experimented on without their consent.

  • 5G will also have a devastating effect on wildlife including birds, bees, insects, trees and plants.

  • 20,000 satellites will be launched into space to saturate planet Earth with 5G microwave radiation with no international-level regulation whatsoever. This launch will further deplete the ozone layer and cause hugely damaging carbon emissions.

  • Thousands of trees are being felled across the UK to increase the effectiveness of the 5G signal. Network Rail plan to fell up to 10 million.

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