Say no to 5G!… it’s harmful Stroud News and Journal, 5 June 2019, p. 30 The degree of public ignorance about the nature of 5G technology is of great concern. A massive propaganda campaign has been waged by the telecom companies, abetted by government, extolling the alleged wonders of 5G technology. And there’s been a concomitant silencing by the mainstream media of virtually all critical voices challenging what is arguably an outrageous attack on the whole planet – a macabre game of Russian Roulette with the health of the global ecosystem.   This is an evidence-based concern, and emphatically not scare-mongering, as our critics will no doubt complacently claim. Cities like Brussels, Geneva, Florence and the XII Municipality of Rome have already called a halt to the 5G roll-out. Hundreds of scientists, doctors and leaders worldwide are also alarmed.  The US group ‘Physicians for Safe Technology’ maintain that: ‘There is convincing emerging scientific evidence causing great concern for the environment, with harm to mammals, insects and bacteria…. 5G technology will also consume significant amounts of energy, contrary to global climate goals.’ Everything in modern culture is speeding up exponentially – but do thoughtful people really crave the ability to distract themselves all the more ‘efficiently’ from reality through developments that many believe threaten our very humanity? Our collective cultural addiction to these ‘social media’ and ‘communication’ technologies is being ruthlessly exploited by interests that have no concern for our health and well-being. We need to be slowing the world down – not mindlessly speeding it up.  Gloucestershire County Council must immediately, and as a matter of public-health driven urgency, invoke the Precautionary Principle and pause the roll-out of this as-yet untested technology – until it has been verified through independent, peer-reviewed studies that 5G and the total radiation levels caused by RF-EMF (i.e. 5G, together with 2G, 3G, 4G, and WiFi) will not be harmful to the environment or to people – especially children and pregnant women. Here in Stroud, the ‘STOP 5G’ campaign is now dispensing information leaflets, badges, stickers and a 38 Degrees petition from its twice-weekly street-stall (Fridays and Saturdays). In raising awareness of this grave issue, we are joining with huge numbers of concerned scientists and citizens across the globe.  History shows that when Stroud speaks with a united voice on issues such as this, we can and will turn tides! DR RICHARD HOUSE Stroud